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Homework Help: Finding elemental error (such as Hysteresis)

  1. Oct 2, 2012 #1
    Alright so I have been given a table for a transducer as follows:

    Input range 0–1000 cm H2O
    Excitation 15 V DC
    Output range 0–5 V
    Linearity error 0.5% FSO
    Hysteresis error Less than 0.15% FSO
    Sensitivity error 0.25% of reading
    Thermal sensitivity error 0.02%/C of reading
    Thermal zero drift 0.02%/C FSO
    Temperature range 0–50 C

    I was told that my Nomianl pressure is 500cm H20 and ambient temp is betwenn 18 and 25 degrees C.

    I'm being asked to calculate the magnitude of each elemental error.

    I'm not asking for all of the answers of course but maybe just walk me through lets say Hysteresis, I have no idea how to use the table with the given values to find the elemental error...
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