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Homework Help: Finding External Pressure Problem

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    Can someone help me with this problem? Even if you could just tell me the steps I'd need to take.. or even just an equation. Something please?

    A piston filled with 21.9 of N2 g (MW = 28.02 g/mol) has an initial volume of 7.27 L. 849.5 J of heat were added to the piston, which increased the temperature of the gas by 37.3 °C, leading to a volume change of 0.839 L. The value of ΔE for this expansion process was 607.2 J. What external pressure is this gas expanding against? (The specific heat of N2 g is 1.04 J/g °C)
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    Added heat was consumed by two processes. Can you name them? Calculate how much energy each of the processes used?
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