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Homework Help: Finding force, distance, time on a threadmill

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    I'm trying to find "good" measurement for force, distance and time for a treadmill. I'm assuming the force will simply be the "weight" of my body but the distance..the distance is a different issue altogether.

    Since we're contrained in not using the data from the machine, I must use simple devices in my disposal i.e. metre sticks, bathroom scales, stop-watches, etc.

    How would I calculate good "distances" assuming I'm not setting the treadmill on an incline (that is, if I don't "have" to set it on an incline).

    Can I just calculate the average distance between my legs and multiply that by the number of steps I take?

    I must also calculate...

    1). Energy conducted away by vaporizing sweat.
    2).Energy that has been radiated away by my body during the workout.
    3).heat energy stored in excess body temperature.
    4). Amount of heat energy lost by convection
    5). total food energy used
    6). heat energy created during the work-out.

    Also, what happens to the energy stored as excess body heat as my body cools down to normal temperature?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    wow, you just can't get an answer out of anyone...

    The "weight" issue also worries me because of the fact that it is perpendicular in relation to the distance I'm travelling. But what other force? The force of my legs? Would that mean I have to consider the weight of the leg itself?

    energy conducted away by vaporizing sweat...hmm, I would say i should take an initial body weight and final body weight. Difference would give me the amount of heat perspired out of me and that would get me...

    the third question seems to be a derivative of the preceeding one...energy radiated away, simply a changing of words?!!

    total food energy used: get meself the efficiency of leg muscles, but what would output and input be? Should I eat something prior at hand and use that as the "food" I'm tring to burn away?

    I'm lost..too many questions.
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    It seems I have broken the rules in posting a thread in many areas. I dearly apologize for my mistake and I promise never for that to happen again.
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