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Homework Help: Finding frequency of light(simple physics)

  1. Feb 9, 2005 #1


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    I got my answer but its not the same as the one in my book. My answer is 4.62*10^14 the book is same thing but *10^16. Heres the details

    Wave length of 650nm is traveling through a vacuum(speed of light). what I did is took this formula

    c(lightspeed = 3*10^8m/s)=l(wavelength)*f(frequency)

    I did this
    Code (Text):

    c(lightspeed = 3*10^8)=L(wavelength)*f(frequency)

    thus leaves with
    -- = f

    filling in the variables c is constant so I want bother with that
    --------------- = f
    650*10^-9(convert to m from nm)
    what I got is f = 4.62*10^14
    Am I right and the book is wrong. Because for all 4 questions the answer the book gives ends with 10^16 and I get 10^14.

    Thank you for helping !
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    Your answer is correct.

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    Thank you for you quick reply. The question(s) were driving me crazy.
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