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Homework Help: Finding half of initial value?

  1. Sep 17, 2005 #1
    I am instructed in a question to find half of the initial velocity if the max. height of a ball going upward is 37 m. I believe I have found the initial velocity to be 26.9 m/s - so I'm thinking the rest should be simple, right?

    For instance if I took the kinematics equation v = v_0 + at, I should be able to rearrange and solve for half of v_0, correct? Or something...?


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    If v_o = 26.9 [m/s] , half of v_o = 13.45 [m/s] .

    Did you want to find the *time* when v = 1/2 v_o ,
    or the elevation where the object has 1/2 v_o ?
    Did you want to find the velocity at half the 37 [m] ,
    or the elevation at half the rise time?
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    Sorry... I'm looking for the height (elevation) when the object has 1/2 its initial velocity... does that clarify?
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