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Medical Finding it difficult to handle

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    First of all lemme say about myself...I am a calm reserved type of guy and i started to develop my desire on a girl who was my friend from my 10th grade back in school... from den if i find her talking to some guy i will feel something different and i started showing that to her from my 12th grade. she accepted my inability to accept the fact that she is talking with them friendly as i had fear of losing her(she was my friend only). the real problem started after my second year in college i started scolding her and got anger on her if she said that i talked to this boy or that boy..
    To the extreme once i cut my hand and got admitted in hospital too...i know how much she loves me and cares for me, but i could not digest the fact that she is talking to some guy(her friends in class). sometimes i will understand her and sometimes i will scold her.. i wanna get rid of this worst habit of mine and i dunno how...i dunno how to develop myself to accept the true fact that she s talking with every of her friends friendly... please any1 help me to stay normal or i dunno weder i m having any disorder...if i m having any disorder i dnt want to ruin her life getting anger on her for all silly things... if i am getting anger I am taking it to extreme..this habit of mine hurts her the most but she continues to stay with me really i dnt wanna hurt her anymore
    please help me...
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    It is very important that you seek professional help immediately. Contact your doctor and book and appointment as soon as possible. Moods like this that lead so self harm are not things that should be ignored. Meet a doctor and discuss treatment options.

    We cannot help you on this site as we do not provide medical advice or counselling services. If you want to a forum that deals with this sort of thing I'd suggest depressionforums, they have sections specifically for self harm as well. You must, must, must see a doctor though.

    Best wishes.
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