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Finding limit

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    I spent alot thinking of this but can't fingure out how to find the limit as it approach x=64
    Plz need help :)

    F(x) = (sqrt(x)-8)/((x)^(1/3)-4)

    find f(x) lim x->64

    also this question -

    lim x-->0 ((x+1)^(1/3)-1)/((x+1)^(1/4)-1)

    Thanks in advance
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    Change variables to the lowest common denominator and factor and cancel
    (sqrt(x)-8)/((x)^(1/3)-4) ->(y3-23)/(y2-22)
    where y=x^(1/6)
    where y=(x+1)^(1/12)
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    Thanks :D ! I though bout this way but i didnt know wat to put y as
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