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Homework Help: Finding moment of inertia of a flywheel using rotations, with friction.

  1. Dec 8, 2011 #1
    ive recently done a experiment which involved a flywheel which was rotated by the force of gravity on a mass which was wrapped around the flywheel axis.

    I have tried to calculate functions which will predict the behaviour aswell as get the moment on inertia of the flywheel via torques of the system. I know this could be done via conservation of energy but due to liquid friction being involved I couldn't do it and i find this approach to be better as it can predict the behaviour under different circumstances.

    i have attached a diagram which shows the system aswell as a dirivation of my results which i would appreciate someone to check over to see if i have made any mistakes/ or to discus better ways of getting these results.

    Many thanks Dany

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