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Finding my threads

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    It might sound really silly but I don't see how to find all my threads - I see only Alerts tab, but all alerts are deleted once read.
    Please, advice how I can find my older threads, besides manually scrolling through the list of all posted threads in the forum.

    Thank you very much!
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    Go to your profile page, click on 'information', and then 'find all threads by X'.
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    Thank you very much! Found it. :-)
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    Or even simpler: go to "MY PF" and "Your Content" and see all threads you participated in. This will show you all your posts. In cases I look for certain posts, I use the search function (top right) under "More ..." and select keywords and authors.
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    Another useful page is the watched thread page: https://www.physicsforums.com/watched/threads/all (which you can get to from the forums menu on the top of the page). If you have the forum settings configured to watch all threads you post in, this page will be pretty useful for finding old threads in which you participated.
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