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Finding out the concentration of an acid or base

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    Hello I really need help for working out the concentration of an acid / base.

    1) How can we use a simple thermochemistry measurement and a density measurement, to find the concentration of an acid or alkali? (other than titration)

    2) How do you devise an experiment to estimate the concentration of an acid / alkali?
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    1) freezing point depression; 2) look at the question again --- most people include the answer in the question statement.
  4. Nov 9, 2010 #3
    I have 1 question?

    What is the pharmaceutical application of acid-base titration?

    Can anyone help me please?
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    Freezing point depression/boiling point elevation is one way to do it. As far as density measurements go, simply measure the specific gravity. Concentration vs. specific gravity data is widely available in literature.

    Another more creative way to measure concentration is by adding water to the acid and measuring the heat that is released.
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