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Finding Parts in OrCAD

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    Hi All,

    I am trying to make a simple diagram that uses some basic parts like switches, light bulbs, fuse holders, but I am having a difficulty finding these parts in OrCad Capture. Not sure if those parts are part of their libraries, or I need another program from that. The reason I am using Orcad, is because I want to use Pspice to simulate and calculate volatges through the circuit.. Any idea?

    thanks in Advanced!
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    I had the same problem when I started using Orcad. It is a difficult tool to figure out on your own.

    In your capture schematic you have to add a symbol library from C:\Cadence\SPB_16.6\tools\capture\library. There is a list of *.olb's (symbol libraries) there. Once you insert this into your design then you can try to place a part, select the library and then you will see a list of parts in the library along with the symbols. Hope this helps.
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    I was able to add the libraries, I also found in ANL_MISC library some of the components that I need..
    It has a very steep learning curve.. But looking for a common part should not be so difficult, Unless I am using the
    wrong software for it. I will keep looking

    If one has more ideas, will be great thanks
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