Finding pH given molarity and volume

  1. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    If you mix 200mL of a 1.8M HCl solution with 300mL of a 1.16M NaOH solution, what will be the pH of the solution?

    3. The attempt at a solution
    Well im really lost with this problem. Im pretty sure you need to convert each to moles.

    .2L HCl x 1.8moles HCl
    1L HCl

    .3L NaOH x 1.16 moles NaOH
    1L NaOH



    HCl + NaOH -> NaCl + H2O

    not too sure where u go from there
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    The acid and the base react 1:1, so which is in excess, and by how much?
  4. is it .36-.348=.012 moles of HCl which = number of H+ ions?

    pH=-log(.012) = 1.92?
  5. or do u have to change moles of HCl back to molarity?

    .012moles HCl
    .5L total


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    HCl in aqueous solution is strongly ionized, or completely ionized for most practical purposes. For pH, you want the hydrogen ion CONCENTRATION AS MOLARITY...., and then find the negative logarithm.
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  7. yea so itd be 1.62 right?
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    Yep, 1.62 it is.
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    Welcome back, Borek! You were missed.
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    I am planning to spend some time here now ;)
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