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Finding posts I "liked"

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    Is there a way to display the posts I liked? I can only find the option of showing my own posts which have been liked.
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    I don't think there is an area for that. Perhaps you could use the Bookmark feature for posts that you want to keep track of.
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    BOO ... a missing feature. I didn't think there WERE any such beasts.
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    With appropriate titles for the bookmarks --- something more descriptive than "Wow."
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    It's a pity that this feature doesn't exist. It would be such a simple way of tracking posts I find noteworthy.

    I do use bookmarks, but they are more complicated and specific to my computer(s) and not to the forum. Especially if I know the person who made the post I am looking for it would make quite a difference.
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    Science Advisors should have access to the PF Bookmark system. To the right of "report".
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    Ah, somehow I missed this. Yes, this does what I want. Thanks for pointing it out again! :oldsmile:
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    The list of your Bookmarks are under the "My PF" drop down menu. :)
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