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Finding solutions

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    find the number of solutions in z103

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    Have you seen quadratic reciprocity?
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    no i haven't
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    Legendre symbol?
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    The Legendre symbol [tex]\left(\frac{a}{p}\right)[/tex] is defined as 1 if [tex]x^2\equiv a\pmod p[/tex] has solutions, and -1 otherwise. (It's undefined or 0 if [tex]p\mid a[/tex].)

    Thus for [tex]x^2\equiv22\pmod{103}[/tex] you're trying to decide the value of the Legendre symbol [tex]\left(\frac{22}{103}\right)[/tex].

    Here's the 3-part Law of Quadratic Reciprocity:




    (If you're using a definition that doesn't include 0, you can move the two Legendre symbols to the same side for aesthetics.)
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