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Finding spring constant

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    what would be the best way of finding the constant of a compression spring... the only way i can think of is by placing a known force, which will probably putting like 1kg of weight (9.8N) on the spring and measuring the displacement, the only problem with this is that the spring may bend and it will be difficult to balance the weight on top of it.

    or could i do it this way (look at picture)
    would this way work well enough?

    thanks in advance for your help

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    never mind i already found a different solution
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    Dear Jackanese,

    For finding the Spring rate u can apply the formula c=Gd^4/8D^3i, where G is the Modulus of Rigidity, d is the wire dia, D is the mean dia, i is the no. of working coils.

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    ok thanks for that i might use that formula and match it against the figure i found..
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