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Homework Help: Finding Standard Gibbs Free energy for half cell reaction.

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    The standard potential of the Cl−(aq.)|AgCl(s)|Ag(s) electrode in the vicinity of T = 298 K has been found to fit the expression

    E[itex]\theta[/itex]/V = -0.00558 + 2.6967x10^-3(T/K) - 8.2299x10^-6(T/K)^2 + 5.869x10^-9(T/K)^3

    Find the standard Gibbs free energy, the standard enthalpy, and the standard entropy of the silver|silver chloride half cell reaction at 298 K.

    My question is do I take the derivative of this equation to find entropy? I'm confused because it states it's a half cell, and I know that the equation (dEcell/dT)= DS/vF pertains to the complete reaction not the half cell.
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