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Finding stress in my design

  1. Feb 28, 2014 #1
    I'm trying my first design and want to make it successful before I actually make the product.
    I want to calculate what the stresses are and where they are likely to be.

    F is a varied load from -10 to 10 kN

    To find the critical points, should I check the points that i labeled A, B , C , D ?

    Which ones is most likely to have the most stress based on my design?
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    That would seem to be a good start.

    It's hard to say based solely on a visual inspection of your gizmo. That's why you should challenge yourself and investigate the stresses. It would be more helpful if you had some calculations to review.
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    Without any other support, the thing will just accelerate quickly in the direction of the force - probably not a realistic scenario.
    Stress gets more interesting if the thing is attached to something else.
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