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Homework Help: Finding suck force

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    A very powerful octopus uses one sucker of diameter 2.75 cm on each of the two shells of a clam in an attempt to pull the shells apart. Find the greatest force (N) that the octopus can exert in salt water 32.3 m depth.

    I tried using F=PA but cannot seem to get the right answer. the depth is wat i think is messing me up. please help. thanks.
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    I believe you need to consider the resistive force to the direction that the octupus is pulling, so the water pressure. That force must be overcome.

    Try this website for water pressure:
    http://www.mrhall.org/science/waterpressurecalc/waterpressurecalc.htm [Broken]

    Can you show us some workings out?

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