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Finding temperature

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    A piece of iron weighing 67.1 g is heated to 64.7 oC and dropped into a beaker containing 77.5 mL of water at a temperature of 15.8 oC. What is the final centigrade temperature of iron and water after they come to thermal equilibrium?

    i tried doing it by doing

    n3t3=n1t1+n2t2 and it didnt work, please help

    I know heat gained= heat lost, and the final value of T should be same for both iron and water, since they are in equilibrium.
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    Do you know the formulas of calorimetry??

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    ya you need to know the specific heats of each one of the substances.
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    What are n and T ? What are their units ? If you multiply them, do you get something that has units of heat/energy ? If not, what are you missing ?
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