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Homework Help: Finding Tension Of A Spring In Waves

  1. Nov 30, 2004 #1
    Finding Tension Of A Spring In Waves-Figured Out ALready

    A sinusoidal wave is traveling on a string with speed 8.0 cm/s. The displacement of the particles of the string at x = 30 cm is found to vary with time according to the equation y = (5.0 cm) sin[15.0 - (4.0 s^-1)t]. The linear density of the string is 7.0 g/cm.

    What is the tension?

    Now I just thought V=sqrt(Tension/linear density), meaning you would do 8=sqrt(T/7). This gives Tension=448 N. This answer is wrong. Any ideas?

    Never Mind Figured it out!!! Stupid Mistake
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