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Finding Tension

  1. Oct 30, 2009 #1
    An energetic father stands at the summit of a conical hill as he spins his 24 kg child around on a 5.7 kg cart with a 2.0-m-long rope. The sides of the hill are inclined at 24 degrees . He keeps the rope parallel to the ground, and friction is negligible
    What rope tension will allow the cart to spin with the 17 rpm?

    I know the equation for tension is T= mv^2/R

    I tried to convert 17 rpms into rad/s and got 1.8 rad/s I got the velocity as 3.6 m/s. I dont know if I did this right but any feedback or corrections would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks!
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    You need to split up your tension into horizontal and vertical components. What forces are acting in the horizontal direction, the vertical? Then you can use newton's second law to solve for the tension.
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