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Finding the Ark

  1. Jul 22, 2003 #1
    I was watching a Discovery channel thingy on finding Noah's(spelling?) Ark. One statement kinda stuck with me. A gentleman on it said "If we can find the Ark, then it would prove God existed". My problem with that statement is who's God(s). They found Troy, does that mean Zeus really does throw lightning? No one ever said that when I heard they found it. The Epic of Gilgamesh has a Ark story that is almost a mirror of the bibles. I think the Epic was written before the bible, but I maybe wrong. So, does that mean the God Shumash is alive and kicking?

    I guess my question is if they found the Ark..what would it really prove? If it can really prove anything at all.
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    It would prove that there's some fact to the legend, and might possibly turn a few heads. No doubt the Bible people would have a heyday! The rest I suppose, would still be up for speculation.
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    Monks built a ARK shape church up on arrat about 600 ace
    thats what they find wood from

    black sea flood did happen
    but never got over it's current level
    and there never ever was a world wide flood or a ark
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    Yeah, that's right and you have ALL the answers Ray B
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    Atleast you know how to recognize proper authority.

    And really, unless you believe before you learn, his statements are true.
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    It alone certainly would not be proof of God (or even proof of a Global Flood), but it would offer some support to those followers' belief. One more puzzle piece, as it were.
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    Whereas you may be irritated at Ray B and his post, the biblical description of Noah and the flood does start to border on the absurd, if we are to take it literally, as written in the bible.

    First we have the problem that if all male/female pairs for each specie of beetles, were to descend on poor Noah's Ark (as described in the bible) they would unlikely be able to hold them. Then trying to fit in all other animals (excluding fish).

    What about the plants? Most plants won't survive underwater for more than a short while, certainly 40 days would be enough to kill off most non-aqueous plants I'm aware of.

    Disregarding, for the moment, how they were feed on the ark, how did the carnivores survive long enough for the prey animals to populate to the point where the carnivores could start predation without wiping out entires species?

    How did geographically remote animals get to their current homes? Many species of animals live in the galapogos islands, that couldn't have gotten there by swimming. How would polar bears have survived the intense heat of the middle east, and Europe/North America long enough to get to it's artic home.

    How did both fresh and salt water fish survive? If water covered the entire face of the earth, then the fresh and salt water would mix. Most fresh water fish die in salt water and most salt water fish die in fresh water.

    Assuming god used 'god-magic' to ensure all of the problems above were solved, then it begs the question why have the ark (for the animals) to begin with. A miracle required to keep all those animals and the offspring, and their offspring's offspring, from getting hungry enough to eat each other sounds harder than just saving all those animals to begin with. I mean, after all, it wasn't the animals fault that man was so sinful god had to virtually wipe him out. Why kill all those innocent animals?
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    To sort of sum up a certain position:

    The existance of bits of a boat don't prove anything more than the fact that there was a boat. It doesn't make the story any more likely. It is like saying that The Three Musketeers is absolute truth because you find a sword and a funny hat.
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    radagast - Some good questions I hope we'll see some responses to.
  11. Aug 5, 2003 #10
    An Ark that would enable placement of animals, food for those animals and plants {Because some plants we have now wouldn`t have survived the flood} would have to be several miles long or several thousamd feet high. It would have taken Noah and his sons around 90 years to complete using approx 100,000 acres of woodland and 100tons of metal not very likely.
    Animals that are found in the arctic would not have survived long enough for Noah to get there and pick them up and they would have died in the warm climate where the Ark was built, so another thing not very likely.
    The last thing is physics. All rain is from the evaporation of water on earth, for it to rain none stop all over the planet for forty days and forty nights the north and south poles would have to have evaporated, which is not possible due to the fact that for the temp to grow so high as to cause the ice at the poles to evaporate and not simply melt would have killed everything anyway so the only way the world could have flooded was for the poles to melt not from forty days and forty nights of rain.
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