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Finding the bounce equation

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    Finding the "bounce equation"

    Due to reasons forementioned, I am unable to access the necessary data required to avoid the release of the following information:

    I am making a 3d physics simulation. What are the equations for bounce based on the velocity and elasticity of a sphere when it collides with a polygon based on the point of impact? I know the response should be different if the sphere collides with the edge of a polygon instead of the face because the input vector would become somewhat extraneous, as the point of impact would have lost its collinearity.
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    The "bounce velocity" only depends on the coefficient of restitution the initial height and the velocity.

    Wouldn't the only thing be different is the angle at which the sphere hits the polygon? In which case it will bounce off at the same angle from the normal
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    Would it exhibit the same reflective properties of light? And what about edge contact?
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