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Finding The Dielectric Constant?

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    Hi, i'm currently an A2 student and was wondering is it possible to find dielectric values for different materials placed within parallel plate systems. I have an idea but i think doing this is more complicated than i expect. I found the equation:


    d = distance between the plates
    A = surface area of one of the plates
    epsilonzero = 8.854*10^-12 C^2/N*m^2
    C = capacitance after the dielectric is placed between the parallel plate system

    The only problem is i can't think of another way to calculate the new capacitance.

    <EDIT> Changed the main text body of my thread because i noticed some of the things i wrote didn't make sense.
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    :redface: *cough*

    ok i found a much simpler way to find the dielectric constant for parallel plate systems...

    K = Eoriginal/Edielectric
    K = Cdielectric/Coriginal

    Where E=V/d

    Would "d" be a constant if i didn't move the parallel plates further apart or closer together even after inserting the dielectric constant?
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    Claude Bile

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    Yes it would. Only k would change upon insertion of the dielectric.

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    Thanks Claude that makes things clearer. :smile:
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