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Finding the enthalpy for a sub-cooled working fluid using steam tables

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    Hi guys, kind of stuck here because I either don't remember or wasn't taught this but...

    I'm working with refrigeration and I've come across a problem that involves a state where the fluild has been sub-cooled by 10K - Its easy enough dealing with super heated fluids but when it comes to sub cooled, how can I go about calculating the values using the steam tables? It's easy enough using a P-h diagram but that is neither as accurate as I'd like it to be nor is it a method I'd like to rely on.

    So yes, for a given working fluid and its respective steam table (Rogers & Mayhew) how would one go about finding the subcooled enthalpy/Entropy?

    Thanks for the help in advance guys ^^, really appreciate what you guys do.
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