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Finding the Force Concept Inventory

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    I hope I'm in the right section. :smile: This is more or less a question about finding some published documents...

    I'm a little curious about Hestenes' FCI. I've encountered it a few times over the past year through papers and talks about science education, but they only mention its name and description or uses. What I'd like is to see a copy of an FCI test itself - or the original articles from the journal (Physics Teacher). (Note: I'm only an undergrad.)

    The trouble is I can't seem to find either easily. Google only finds more articles circumscribing the FCI. My uni's library doesn't have the particular volumes of the journal. Online resources, such as the journal's own, seem to provide the texts for money, which is beyond me. :grumpy:

    Other than querying library and faculty staff, I can't think what else to do, as I'm inexperienced with academic document research. I'm not exactly doing any scholarly work with this inquiry so I don't know if I should bother approaching staff.

    Any thoughts? Where do you go to find articles like this? How do you go about it? :redface:
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    The main source is http://modeling.asu.edu/R&E/Research.html ...but only to authorized educators.
    You may be able to read the articles on http://modeling.la.asu.edu/R&E/FCIforw.html
    by checking in your university library's card catalog. It's possible that your university has online access to the journal. Try to view http://scitation.aip.org/tpt/ [Broken] from a computer on your campus network.
    Don't be shy to ask the library staff for help. That's what they are there for. Some libraries can obtain the article through "Interlibrary loan". Take advantage of it.
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    Thank you!
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