Finding the girl of your dreams

  1. i really dont know these how to find that special girl heres the thing
    last year i was in the faculty of engineering and i was so fat i needed 5 huge hamburgers as a snack and to make matters worse i failed for the first time in my entire life and i thought it was the end of the world you know>??
    anyway after that in summer i decided to switch to physics and lost 20kgs now i have great grades and good looking and still not in love man life is hard i just want to hear your thoughts
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  3. Don't complain, stick with it. Plan B always sucks.

    P.S Congratulations for shedding the fat. Promise yourself, that you'll **never** be fat again.
  4. thank you man but you see there was this girl she was with my friend before they broke up i used to laugh at her i tell my friend shes not beautiful as you see her and one day when they broke up its like a monkey becoming an angel from heaven i just couldnt believe it man she told me that she wont accept not because i used to make fun of her though we are good friends but because i discovered her beauty lately not from the first sight i still dont know how to find that spark id rather sit in my room find the reason GOD created this universe than to to figure out the special one for me
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    Dude you sound like you're still in your early teens, and shouldn't be thinking about finding the girl of your dreams till at least your 20's. How about getting a taste of the playing field first, see what girls are like, find out what you like in a girl and what you don't. Only then - maybe - will you have a better understanding of what the girl of your dreams is.
  6. Forget finding the girl of your dreams, what you're looking for is the punctuation on the keyboard!
  7. Move on and learn a important lesson. Each social action has consequences which eventually have to be dealt with. I wont have the arrogance to tell you how to behave. That's for you to decide. I will tell you, always be prepared to face the consequences of your actions.
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    hmmm...studying physics = losing weight:biggrin:
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  10. haha

    thing's that you should not think why girls will like you. that's not the way it works, believe me

    please, try making it pleasurable
  11. Yeah -- I actually liked my spouse better 23 kg heavier -- before he started running and watching his diet. He was a lot more fun when eating out or even when eating at home.

    Food is a BIG motivator and source of happiness for me (I was "blessed" with a super high metabolism just due to genetics). I basically decided to marry my spouse when he took me (than as a friend) to a nice French spot for lunch and fed me to completion (and he basically decided to marry me because I was just so happy).

    Maybe it's a sign of mental insanity on my part, but the fact that he now has this controlled relationship with it rather hurts me, even though his health is improved. (Aside: the addition of a Blackberry into the picture also hasn't helped).
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    That was ONE sentence. Holy hell man.
  13. hehehehe man i didnt see that
  14. you really think that food is the source of happiness ? thats why men these days are becoming inferior to women
  15. alwaysssssssssssssss
  16. i am 20 why do you think i am complaining?? I am a nice person with lots of friends im not a nerd even though im first in my class
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    Then either English isn't your first language or (more likely) msn has completely screwed up your vocabulary.
    And I never said you were complaining, I just said that you shouldn't be worrying about it.
  18. i thought that punctuation isnt important, so Im sorry if i disrespected you people okay?
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    Would you use msn talk in a letter you sent for a job interview?
    In certain cases it isn't - such as msn and facebook - but you need to be able to switch between formal and informal writing styles on the fly.

    Anyway back to the point. Just don't be frustrated that the girl of your dreams hasn't already knocked at your front door. It takes time and you need to experience the pool of women already out there first.
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    Poor punctuation isn't just important, it makes your writing hard to read. Your mind is use to speech that includes pauses and structure. When you write in one long sentence, your mind can get confused as to what is going on and what exactly is being said.
  21. Not to mention it can completely change the meaning of a sentence:

    "A Panda eats, shoots and leaves."

    "A Panda eats shoots and leaves."
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