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Homework Help: Finding the gravitational force!

  1. Jun 27, 2005 #1
    This is the last question I have on my study guide that I cant solve. My physics test is tomorrow and I just want to be ready for it. Please help me figure this one out!

    What is the gravitation force on mass 1 if each mass is 2 kg?

    O<---(5m)---->O mass3
    I -
    I -
    (2m) -
    I -
    O - < mass1

    Well I hope you can understand that.
    I know that the hypotonuse is the square root of 29 so im guessing I need to use the formula F=F12+F13 to get the answer right or wrong?
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    well my crude attempt at a diagram didnt come out so good lol. But its supposed to look like a triangle.
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    If you're trying to use the net force, then you will want to use superposition, which is basically what you are implementing. If its an equilateral triangle then some components will cancel, depending on how the triangle is configured.
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