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Homework Help: Finding the inside angle using trigonometry

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    I'm new to trigonometry, but I think I know the basics - soh cah toa ect. If I want to find the angle of the pendulum first then I need to do:

    Sin-1 * (opp / hyp)

    However I haven't got the hypotenuse, but the adjacent. So am I right to firstly work out the hypotenuse by opposite2 + adjacent2 = hypotenuse2 and then square rooting the the anwer?

    Or is there a simpler way I can calculate the inside angle without having to do that first?

    The question I've been set for tonights homework is;

    A 500g sphere is hung from an inextensible string 1.25m long and swings around to form a conical pendulum. The sphere move in a circular horizontal path of radious 0.75m Find the tension in the string.

    Once I have the correct inside should I do the following:

    t = mg/cos theta

    t = ( 0.5 * 0.75) / cos theta

    Thanks all :)
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    What hypothenuse are u talking about?The only one i can imagine is the string itself and it is given...1.25m...

    Do you mean the one in the vector triangle??That is the weight of the sphere and is given as well...

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    Hi Daniel,

    I don't think that its a vector triangle (we haven't covered that so I'm 99% sure that it isn't) so the 1.25m for the length is the same for the hypothenuse because its the same length - only its displaced to the side. right?

    So if the hyp is 1.25 then to find the inside angle I need to do;

    sin-1 * (0.75/1.25)

    = 36.86989765
    = 37degrees (rounded)

    then do I do as I said in the original post, to find t?
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    The angle is okay...Then apply the second law of dynamics for the sphere and project it on the direction of the string...

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    Hi Dexter,

    Thanks for your help.

    Is the next part;

    T = mg
    cos 37

    T = 0.5*9.8
    cos 37

    T = 4.9

    T = 6.14N

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