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Homework Help: Finding the magntuide

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    farmhand attaches a 25 Kg bale of hay to one end of a rope passing over a frictionals pulley connected to a beam in the hay barn.then another farmhand pulls down on the opposite end of the rope with force of 277N. ignoring the mass of the rope, find the magntuide and dirction, gravitional force is 245N.

    and this is the other one

    3- tiered bithday cake rests on a table. from bottom to top the cake tiers weigh 16, 9, 5 respectively
    find the magnitude and direction of normal force acting on 2nd tier?

    i need ur help guys
    i want someone to explain it to me like step be step
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    Chi Meson

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    We are goning to wait until you tell us what you have tried, or at least what you think the answer might be.

    By the way, I am assuming that the first problem is asking for the magnitude and direction of the acceleration of the hay bale. You'll need Newton's 2nd Law (formula) for that.
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    the formula is f= ma
    a= 277/245
    a=1.1 N
    i think it's not right
    i'm lost!!!
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    Chi Meson

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    You're right about that. The test is tomorrow and you still don't know the difference between mass and weight? How many classes did you miss?:biggrin:

    What is the mass of the Hay bale? What is its weight
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    mass is 25
    weight is 245..
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    well to find the normal force of the guy pulling down, Fn=mg so m=28.3 kg. then u can do the rest
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    i'm still lost!!
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