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Finding the mass of a screw

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    I have been given the masses of 5 cups, each with a different amount of screws inside.
    1st cup = 13g
    2nd cup = 19g
    3rd cup = 8g
    4th cup = 26g
    5th cup = 38g

    I need to find the mass of a single screw.

    I was not given any equations or data besides those masses

    I have no clue how to approach this, we have not done anything like it before and therefore have no skills to solve this. Please help!
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    first you have to make an assumption: all cups are the same weight and all screws are the same weight.

    is there a common difference between these masses?

    They're all integers right, so perhaps a screw weighs 1g? There's a mix of even and numbers so screw's can't weigh an even amount. Maybe they all weigh 3g, does that work? 5, 7 etc...?

    Just mess around and see what you find, then in your answer explain the uncertainty and put in all the things you think it could be.
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    What is the largest common factor of those numbers? A screw cannot weigh more than that.
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    are you given the mass of the cup? if the cups are not massless then there will be a lot of possibilities for answers. and if the mass of the screws are allowed to be non integers, the question will have an infinite numbers of answers.
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    infinite possible answers.

    Clearly the answer will have to include some assumptions and some logic to determine the most reasonable value. Given that all the data supplied are integers, I think we can manage to not overcomplicate the problem.
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    Thanks! I finally figured it out.
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    Could you please share with us how you figured it out? I'm interested in knowing

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