Finding the nth derivative

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    Find the formula for the nth derivative of the equation f(x)= 1/(1-x)^2

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    I have no idea how to attempt this problem. I've tried finding derivatives in order to find a pattern but I can't seem to come up with a pattern that would help me to find a formula
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    Let's start by listing the derivatives you've found. To make this easier to deal with, you could write the function as

    f(x) = (1-x)^(-2) and use the Chain Rule. What is f'(x)?
  4. f'(x)=2(1-x)^-3
  5. Can you write that in terms of the original f? Does that help when you apply the derivatives again?
  6. By finding up to the fourth derivative I came up with this formula:

    nth deriv of f= (n+1)(n!)(1-x)^-(n+2)
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    Yes! (I had to revise something I was going to say: the (-1) factor from the Chain Rule keeps canceling the minus sign from the exponent-factor, so this does stay positive.)

    The one further simplification you can make is that (n+1) ยท (n!) = (n+1)!
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