Finding the potential difference

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Homework Statement

A current of 1.82A flows through a copper wire 1.75m long and 1.10mm in diameter.
a)find the potential difference between the ends of the wire
b) what diameter of copper wire is needed to be a potential difference of .100V

Homework Equations

I know the resistivity of Cu is 1.68 * 10^-8
the diameter needs to be converted to M

The Attempt at a Solution

I am unsure of how to set the problem up

Can someoe please give detailed steps of how to set this problem up and any conversions or other given factors that ay be needed. I am still waiting on my back ordered book to arrive :(

Answers and Replies

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hi johndoe14! :wink:

potential difference is the same as voltage so use V = IR …

what do you get? :smile:

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