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Homework Help: Finding the solid angle

  1. Aug 15, 2012 #1
    1. The solid angle subtended by a 100 cm^2 circular detector at a distance of 1 m is ______steradians.

    2. Ω = A/r^2 and A =∏r^2 (area of a circle)

    3. I originally tried to find r by solving 100 = ∏r^2 and I got r = 5.6. I then tried to plug into the first equation for Ω only to realize that really, I had just gone in a circle and ended up with 4∏, which is the measure of sphere in steradians. Then I tried the tangent (5.6/100) to find the angle in degrees.... The answer is .01 but I am unsure why...
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    You need to keep in mind what the various quantities appearing in the formulas mean. Try again paying a bit more attention to which values go where.
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