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Homework Help: Finding the time of an event

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    here this time for the experimenter A t=4 micro sec and for B t=3 micro sec.

    shouldn't they see the light at when light reaches there as in At=2 micro sec and Bt= 1micro sec.

    i do not get this example could someone explain this to me.

    thanks in advance
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    If you read carefully after the Solve portion, it says the explosion occurred at 2 microseconds into the 'time frame', which simply adds 2 microsec. to what you are stating, so 4 and 3 respectively for observers A and B. It does only take 2 microsecs and 1 microsec to reach A and B, but the problem is essentially trying to get you to find when the explosion occurred.
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    i mean in stead of At=4 and Bt=3 shouldnt it me like At=2 and Bt=1?

    when light reaches there they should be able to see it..so where does the extra 2 for At and extra 2 for Bt come from
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    oh its the time at which explosion took place
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