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Finding the total distance

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
Taking the age of Earth to be about 4 ✕ 109 years and assuming its orbital radius of 1.5 ✕ 1011 m has not changed and is circular, calculate the approximate total distance Earth has traveled since its birth (in a frame of reference stationary with respect to the Sun). It is asking for this answer in meters.

2. Relevant equations
I do not have an equation here yet, I have read the chapter on this but I do not know where to begin with this problem.

3. The attempt at a solution
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In 1 year how much distance does the earth travel? It does exactly one circle around the sun right? The radius of that circle is given...

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I think the age of the earth is supposed to be ## 4 \cdot 10^9 ## years. Also, the orbital radius is ## r=1.5 \cdot 10^{11} ## m. Do you know how to compute the circumference of the circle to compute how far the earth travels in one year?
Yes if I am not mistaken it is the formula C = 2*π* Radius? So, I find the circumference of the earth first? I am confused about what I do with the circumference, do I then divide it by the age of the earth?


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I find the circumference of the earth first?
The circle in question is the one traced out by the Earth over the course of a year -- its orbital path. You need the circumference of that circle, not the circumference of the earth.
okay, and sorry I meant multiply not divide. Thank you that helped me to the right answer, greatly appreciated!

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