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Finding the x-int

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    What will the x-int be in this equation? (x^2 +1)/ (x^2 -4)
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    The what? Why do some people think everybody understand their short writings?

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    x-intercept. And how don't you know what x-int mean? In calculus, int stands for intercept. And maybe if u took your time and saw the tag, you'd know what it means.
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    You can't always assume this: even in an area of mathematics where everything is defined rather clearly, sometimes people have different terms for the same thing and if you come across this situation, don't be too surprised.
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    First: that is false: int may mean "integral", "integer", "intercept", etc., second: yes, I was almost sure what you meant, but this is

    mathematics and you're supposed to be crystal clear, third: it is, imo, a very bad idea to ask for help with such a nasty attitude.

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    jasn4real, why don't you start with the fact that if a/b=0, then a=0?
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