Finding Thevenin's papers

  1. Hello! Where can I get the following papers by L. Thevenin?

    - "Extension of Ohm’s law to complex electromotive circuits" [original: "Extension de la loi d’Ohm aux circuits électromoteurs complexes"]


    - "On a new theorem of dynamic electricity" [original: "Sur un nouveau théorème d'électricité dynamique"]

    I have spent a lot of time googling these papers, but couldn't find them. Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Or if anyone has these papers, he/she is requested to please upload scanned version.
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    That one doesn't seem to be available, but
    can be found at: rendus de l'Académie des sciences.langEN
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    This paper was published in Annales Telegraphiques, 3. Series, 10:222-224, 1883

    If you know someone in Paris, perhaps ...

    Quelle frommage!

    Here is a link to the paper on Google Books: circuits électromoteurs_complexes&f=false

    I can't read French, but it's more of a brief note from Thevenin rather than a technical paper.
    It's only about 2 and half small pages long.
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