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Finding Velocity of Rolling Ball

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    In Figure 11-36, a small, solid, uniform ball is to be shot from point P so that it rolls smoothly along a horizontal path, up along a ramp, and onto a plateau. Then it leaves the plateau horizontally to land on a game board, at a horizontal distance d from the right edge of the plateau. The vertical heights are h1 = 4.80 cm and h2 = 1.60 cm. With what speed must the ball be shot at point P for it to land at d = 5.80 cm?

    Can someone give me a push in the right direction?

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    This is a kinematics problem. How much time would it take an object to fall from h2? Now you know d, so can you find the horizontal velocity of the ball on the plateau? Now consider the energy transfers (kinetic-potential and vice versa) that occur during the ball's travel up the slope, and you should be able to find initial velocity at P.
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    Don't get it....sigh
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    use the projectile equations to figure out the velocity you would need when the ball leaves the edge so that you would get that range.

    2nd consider the energy required to make it up the ramp and also have the velocity of part one

    then ur done
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    I know it deals with energy conservation but I can't remember the equation to use for projectile motion.
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    AIM me at greenman100
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