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Homework Help: Finding Velocity

  1. Apr 19, 2009 #1
    How do I find the velocity of a steel ball in a collision with a steel ball of equal mass when I only know the displacements? (Time is irrelevant because it is also equal I believe?) Do I still write velocity in m/s? or just in meters?

    V = displacement/time
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    Hi izzakizza and welcome to PF.
    I don't follow you when you say that time is equal. Equal to what?
    Velocity unit is always a distance over time, so writing it as meters doesn't have any sense.
    I don't understand well your question (you know the displacements? What do you mean by this? Do you mean their path? If so it's impossible to know their velocity.)
    I think your question is too vague. If you could add some details we might help you.
    (By the way I'm pretty sure you'll have to use the fact that the linear momentum is conserved, but from what you posted we cannot say anything)
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