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Homework Help: Finding volume of butter

  1. Feb 7, 2005 #1
    Can someone help me on finding volume of butter. the stick has 120 cm^3 and a mass of 110 g. So what is the volume of 1 g of butter.
    I know you have to find density of 110/120 = .92 but then I get stuck whats next. thanks
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    By definition:
    {Density} = {Mass}/{Volume}
    Solving for Volume, we get:
    {Volume} = {Mass}/{Density}

    From the problem statement, we have:
    {Density} = (110 g)/(120 cm^3) = (0.917 g/cm^3)

    Thus, for your required 1 gram of butter:
    {Volume of 1 gram} = {1 gram}/{0.917 g/cm^3}

    {Volume of 1 gram} = 1.091 cm^3
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    Thanks! Much appreciated.
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