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Finding your favorite songs

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    What is the feasibility of a Web program that allows one to narrow down a particular musical genre for favorite songs?

    I want to find the type of, e. g., jazz I would like best, and the radio won't cut it. I thought that a hiearchical pyramid of song segments (so not to violate copyrights) of various styles, sampled on the Web, could eventually select particular selections most to my liking.

    Is there any such program out there to your knowledge?
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    www.pandora.com lets you input songs or artists and then lets you listen to songs that are similar.
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    Thanks for your keen advice. Matching music is harder to achieve than I thought. Pandora is pretty much like I imagined, except rougher. I will need DSL to appreciate it fully.

    By the way, is that squirrelly behavior displayed in your avatar?
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