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Homework Help: Fineing PSI to Lift Me

  1. May 7, 2013 #1
    I am trying to find the psi needed to lift me off the ground at an acceleration of 1m/s/s so i started with the equation f=ma. For acceleration I added f=m(1m/s/s) but i need to cancel gravity out, so I took 9.8m/s/s + 1m/s/s = 10.8m/s/s. I thought it would work because 1m/s/s was the acceleration I wanted to go. For mass I added my mass in kg. I finally had F=63.5(10.8). I found 685.8n was the force needed. I converted 685.8n to 154.17flb. The area I need the force to be on is 1.953in2. To find the psi, I did 154.17 / 1.953 = 78.9 psi. I am not sure this is right. I am a thirteen year old boy in 7th grade. Any guidance would be wonderful.
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    The concept is right, and the numbers can be checked by a computer.
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    Psi of what though? Is there a real-world project you are hoping to do?
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