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Fingerprint feature extraction

  1. Apr 27, 2009 #1
    Hi, im currently doing my fyp on fingerprint feature extraction..n im facing a prob..on executing a code....im done with de pre-processing stage on enhancement n so on..im stuck while using this particular code..

    this is the first part:
    A = imread('sri2.tif');
    [im_row,im_col] = size(A);
    p = bwmorph(notbinary,'clean');
    q = bwmorph(p,'fill');
    r = bwmorph(q,'skel',Inf);

    workin perfectly fine

    second part :
    >> fun=@minutie;
    r1=nlfilter(r,[3 3],fun);

    error : ??? Error using ==> feval
    Undefined function or method 'minutie' for input arguments of
    type 'logical'.

    Error in ==> nlfilter at 58
    b = mkconstarray(class(feval(fun,aa(1+rows,1+cols),params{:})),
    0, size(a));

    i cudnt rectify it. i need help on this very urgently as i need to submit my project very soon..

    im really in need of help.
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