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Fingerprints on glass

  1. Mar 18, 2013 #1
    My thinking today at lunch ...
    You fill up the cylindrical glass with water. You take it to hands and you can see fingerprints through the water. The others parts of glass is like mirror. Why you see only fingerprints and nothing else? Can you see similar phenomenon if you use something different on glass? And why is that? What's happens after emptying the glass or fill on with different liquid and why?

    Sorry for my bad English and thanks for your answers.
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    Ok, it looks good, I will read it after school.
    Is an another example of this phenomenon? (no fingers). What can I put on the glass for this phenomenon?
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    It says..

    The first medium is the glass, the second is air, and the third is finger.

    So you should be able to do it with any material that has a higher refractive index than the air.
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