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Finish or drop out

  1. Aug 23, 2012 #1
    I am contemplating dropping out of school right now and taking a year off doing work. Then coming back to a school later, hopefully a less expensive one, where I can take classes only focused on the subjects I want to do in science. My interests are math and physics as well as biology and ecology. I hope to do something like mathematical ecology in graduate school and post grad research. Right now I am a philosophy major because I was too tired to finish my science major and wanted something easier. However, I don't think I want to work in philosophy stuff for the remainder of my life and think frequently about returning to ecology. Maybe I should save money and skip the last year of college, get a job, and rest my mind. Then come back a year later and try to finish original science major. Or I could finish this year in philosophy , find work and then come back a year after that to do science major. However, it seems like wasting time and money. The first idea seems more efficient however I could be diminishing the importance of graduating. Your thoughts please
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    I took a year off school to earn more money, and never went back. Actually, I went back for a semester to take a few classes that were more applicable to my new career, but that was not relative to any degree-track. Never graduated.

    It might be a good idea to take some time off, but don't make hard-and-fast plans to get back to school. Life intervenes. Good luck.
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    thanks for the quick and helpful reply. I heard that leaving school makes it hard to get back into school. Will think about it.
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    Don't worry, you won't. :rofl:

    But seriously, do what you want to man. If science is your thing, study that. Life's too short to not do what you want. And taking a year off to work might let you get some valuable life skills/perspective.
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    If you only have a year left why not finish and use your degree to get a decent job?

    Majoring in philosophy, you would have to think of the overall job outlook related to that field. Just think about that before you major in it lol

    True life is short to not do what you want, but don't be cavalier about opportunities and

    How much of a financial burden is your school now?
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    I don't know if a major in philosophy will make a difference in finding a job in the United States. Some sources tell me that philosophy can help me find a good job in businesses. however I think that might be philosophy professors sometimes trying to make students optimistic. Anyways I didn't choose philosophy for a job i chose it because it was a easy break from science and convenient to finish in one year. My school is a private school that is pretty expensive and I'm already going onto my fifth year. I have financial aid but a lot of it is just loans. My parents make a lot of money. but there are three kids all in college right now so it's hard to cover all that. I'm trying to find work and pay for myself too but I think I might as well just skip the last year of school part and work for a while. I wanted to get back into science one day anyway. I could come back sooner through this way guess
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    What would you do right now if given the opportunity to do any of your possible listed scenarios?

    Only you can figure out whats best for you, if it feels right then great, if not then you know its not.

    Are you planning to go to grad school?

    Whose going to be paying off those loans? You? Your parents? Or combination?
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    I Know my parents and I are the only ones who can decide what to do best scenario. I suppose my real question is would having a degree in philosophy to get maybe some more decent jobs be worth taking another year of school and spending more money now? My inclination right now is a big no. I am planning to go to Grad school. I hope to pay all the loans.
  10. Aug 23, 2012 #9
    Then you already know your answer lol
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