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Finished A levels

  1. Jul 2, 2006 #1
    Finished A Levels!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now i have to wait over a month to get results , hmm.(im sure like many of u)

    bit sad to leave skl tho :frown: i'll miss the place, friends, teachers, familiar faces.

    anyway wish me luck, i'm aiming for....
    A,A,A,A* and distinction(I wish(!) made a lot of silly mistakes which may have cost me. so frustrating), for chem, phys maths astronomy(GCSE) and phys AEA, then i'll be doing physics at uni although i only need ABC
    o:) :blushing:
    P.S. Good Luck! all you people out there waiting for results!
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  3. Jul 5, 2006 #2
    hey what university r u going to ?
    What type of physics ? general?
    how many yrs 3 or 4 ?
    are you doing physics alone..or phys with...?
    what are you planning to do after university?
    dont worry about those silly mistakes plus u only need abc ..
    good luck with your results ...i dont know the date of ur message ....---time traveler---
  4. Jul 5, 2006 #3
    lol wasn't expecting replies, ....---time traveler--- eh?
    im doing 4 years physics at Cardiff Uni, i might change the degree to phys with astronomy at end of first year depending on how it goes. (dates at the top of the message, above my username). im scared of practical work, but cardiff doesn't do plain theoretical degree, so i'll have to manage.
    what about you? your profile doesn't shed much light on you.
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  5. Jul 6, 2006 #4
    yeah i should add something to my profile..,in fact i will ,i would say that you shouldn't worry too much about practical work that shouldn't be a problem.....you must really love maths (not a statement ..said in a sarcastic tone or something) to do theoretical....quantum field theory in your last year or unification or something like that those are killers...
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