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Finished explaining my thought experiment

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    It has happened to me again! This has to have been the 3rd or 4th post I lost just b4 finishing. This only happens in these forums. Does this happen to any1 else?

    I had just about finished explaining my thought experiment when, idk did i presss a wrong button? I lost everything. I had spent nearly 30min writing. Trying to make it as clear as possible. It was my first time to share a TE with some one. I wanted to know what yall thought.
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    Re: Venting

    I thought your lost thought experiment was interesting.
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    Re: Venting

    Perhaps from now on, as it appears your browser or something doesn't like PF, you should do these longer writeups in a word processor and then copy and paste them.
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    Re: Venting

    Good idea, ill try that if this continues. right now Im chalking it up to the gremlins.
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    Re: Venting

    CTRL + C is your best friend.
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