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Finishing an engineering degree abroad?

  1. Feb 8, 2009 #1
    Finishing an engineering degree abroad??

    I'm a Mech. Eng major at city college of new york with about 2 years left to go and uh, well, i hate it. Not that i dislike the subject material, it's just that the classes move so goddamn slow and we baby step through every thing, and i'm more of a "throw yourself in the deep end and sink or swim" kind of learner; i like to tackle problems that initially intimidate me. Anyway, to get to the point, i was talking with my cousin the other night and he said i should finish my education abroad because the european or canadian educational system might be more suited to me. Is this feasible? Or are the courses in ABET certified schools pretty much available exclusively in the states? I don't think I want to be an engineer when i graduate, though I like the idea of having an engineering degree (I've heard the degree really helps landing non-engineering jobs)... so would i handicapping myself at all if i switched majors to something like math or physics if i'm unable to finish an engineering degree abroad? Thanks :)

    (woops, posted this topic in the career guidance forum by accident)
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