MATLAB Finite Difference Method using Matlab

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I am curious to know if anyone has a program that will solve for 2-D Transient finite difference I have an assignment in a heat transfer class and I am supposed to use Matlab to solve for this. The governing equation given here is to solve using finite difference method using matlab.

In this problem we know the heat generated (Q) as 11×10^6 W/m^2.

The material using for this study is aluminum having following material properties

ρ = 2700 kg/m3,
k = 180 W/m-K,
c=896 J/kg-K.

In this study maximum time is allowed as for generated heat (Q) is 0.5 seconds.

The line diagram is enclosed in the attached file..

My assignment is to find out the temperature distribution of the sheet at the end of 0.5 Seconds.
Any help would be appreciated.


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